An investment that you will not regret: Importance of a Website

An investment that you will not regret: Importance of a Website

In today’s world when everything is going online, it’s important to have a website. A website will define your business and will help you generate money that you are looking for. These days, customers shop first and then buy. Everyone wants to see what they are buying and more importantly feel what they buy. If you can add this element to your website, it would become much easier for people to buy from you.

I will explain the importance of a website with this scenario example:

Imagine you are about to enter a room full of your potential customers. The doors opened and you can hear everyone talking. The lights are bright and the room has some soothing background music as well. Everyone is happy and loud. They are all dressed up just like you. You are wearing a White crisply pressed shirt and a royal Blue trouser with Black shiny shoes. As you approach the hall people start looking at you. You introduce yourself to them with a perfect pitch. Now you exchange your business cards with your contact information on it. But you don’t have a website. When someone asks you about it, you have no answer. Not everyone wants to visit you physically, especially during these days of pandemic. On the other hand, you enter that room, exchanged your greetings and business cards and invite your potential customers to visit your website. How confident you would feel at that very moment. Pause for a second… think about it.

You will immediately start talking about your business and discuss how your business products and services can add value to your potential customer’s business. Your body language with suddenly coincide with the words coming out of your mouth. Now this would be a powerful moment. After the meeting you will go back to your office and send a thank you note and again emphasize on visiting your website. By having a website, now you can track your online visitor information LIVE. Imagine how you will feel at that very moment. Now you are even in a better position to market your products and services online via social media advertising. Your company website will appear on your potential customers’ web search. Once again you are introducing and reminding them of your products and services, but this time it’s your WEBSITE.

Now let’s talk a step back and say you are not meeting personally with your potential customers due to the pandemic conditions or simply you are in a different city. Now you are doing a zoom meeting. Imagine you are interacting with 30 other professionals and you have your website opened. You are sharing your webpage with those 30 individuals. These potential customers are listening to you and saving your information in their minds and computers. They will cross question you to judge your capabilities and see how confident you are with your products and services. If you are saying what your website is telling, the chances are mostly likely that you will close deals. Even if a 1% end in a positive result, then we are talking about 3 customers. What are the costs involved? Do your math and it is a fraction of your investment. Most probably zero, as zoom basic is free.

Your website empowers you to sell your products and services online. It lets your customers see your products and services and helps them feel your offers by reading your content and visualize using your offers. This visualization is far more important as it helps them make the right decisions. Now let’s have a look on some pros and cons of having a website:

Advantages of having a website

It helps you one-step ahead of your competitors: Think about your competitors not having a website. It gives you edge among all of them. And even if they do have a website, if your website is more user-friendly, swift for your customers to find the right products and services and responsive to open on any electronic device (mobile phones, tablets, iPad, laptops and desktops) the chances are that your customers will opt to buy from you. Now think that you visit a car dealership and you meet two different salesmen. One is telling you the features of the car and trying to sell you that and the other is asking you questions to find out your needs and then suggests something that fulfills those needs. Which one would you opt to deal with?

It represents your business 24/7 and to all: Whether you are on vacation, busy in life with other events or simply sleeping and taking rest. Your website is up and running promoting your business to all of your potential customers.

It generates income for you: Even when you are not promoting or giving your sales pitch, your website is up and running and helping customers buy online and generates business for you.

It reaches customers, where you can’t physically: You could be physically based in your bedroom. But your website helps you promote it to the whole world. Today you might be selling in your town but tomorrow you can start selling worldwide. All the international brands starts small, many started just like you from a bedroom.

It builds trust, especially with individuals whom you have never met in life: Unknown folks can visit your website and buy from you. You do not have to meet every one of them. Do you know how many folks have computers around the world? And how many have met Bill Gates and vice versa?

It bridges the gaps between you and your customers: With excellent customer service, you build that trust and your customers become your loyal ones. They will stop shopping around and will trust and buy from you.

It helps your customers take actions without you provoking them: Your website does all the work for you. You don’t have to give speeches to all, it will invite your potential customers to visit and buy from you.

It helps your customers reach you from anywhere in the world: By having a website you are literally going boundary-less. The whole is your customer. There are brands that are domestic and there are brands that are worldwide. You can pick and choose which country you want to serve in.

Disadvantages of not having a website

People don’t rely on just meeting you: Everybody wants to make an informed decision for themselves and especially when they are buying products and service for their love ones. Our customers meet 10s of business owners every day. Do you think they will remember each one of them? No. But they will visit available websites and can revisit to make good buying decisions.

You cannot reach masses: Without a website you are limiting yourself to your area only. But your competitors can reach masses via their website.

The advertising costs are much higher for you: You cannot afford to advertise everyday on each forum/ media. But your website can be advertised at a fraction of cost.

Business income is limited: Without a website, you are limited to customers who know you or your store.

You will be left behind in today’s world: In today’s electronic world, having a website is not a WANT but a NEED.

Now we know the importance of having a website, so let’s talk business. OSAP Design is a professional web development organization that has been helping businesses flourishes in their fields since 2006. It all started from London, ON. OSAP Design offer web design services for all. Whether you have small or no budget, we will help you get a website to promote your products and services online. To help succeed our customers we offer monthly payment plans for those who do not have or are on a tight financial budget. We also understand that some businesses are seasonal. So we have come up with a plan to rent websites. It sound weird but yes it is true that we rent websites. Now seasonal businesses can rent websites for either 3, 6 or 12 months. You only pay for whatever you use (of course there are certain limitations to it. Please ask).

Contact us today to come up with a sound plan to help you succeed and fulfill your dreams.

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