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We might not be your first choice; but for sure we would be your last.

43% of the web is built on WordPress

Development Service

WordPress is a leading Content Management System (CMS) that captures 60% market share globally. In short, 60% of the websites that have been designed have been developed using WordPress.

Development of
WordPress Theme

The field of entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and if you have started a business, then a website is an important priority. If you don’t already have digital presence, then we have you covered!

Customization of
WordPress Theme

If you think that your current WordPress website is bit outdated or not fulfilling current requirements and needs an update, use some tweaks, or a complete revamp then we can help!

Premium WordPress Template

Our Premium WordPress Template offers a corporate look for your website, and is cost-effective, providing a quick WordPress solution. It is one of the most in-demand features.

Today, WordPress controls every kind of business from booking administration to administration, membership administration to shopping carts. WordPress has changed the modes of collaborating online because it has empowered neighborhood organizations to set up their online presence efficiently. Adaptability is the main highlight of WordPress because, as your business develops, you can add new modules or modify existing modules in your site. We feel having a WordPress website is a win-win for you and your clients.

OSAP Design has a skilled and dedicated team, with 17+ years of experience enabling them to provide clients with excellent services that go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Our whole purpose is to develop solutions that will make a permanent impact on your customers. When we develop a website, we develop SEO optimized, cross-platform responsive, vibrant templates, and blazing fast designs. OSAP Design is a certified company operating in Canada serving 500+ clients.

Custom Development

We build custom WordPress websites that are user-friendly, easy to navigate and responsive.

Maintenance & Support
To maintain 100% uptime, we help you maintain your WordPress website in the backend.
Backend Support
Our customer service is always there to support your website even when you are away.

Custom Development

Your Identity Matters Most

Time Bound

Project quality delivered on time is key in today’s fast-moving world. We claim to be on the right side of the time for your projects.

Quality Work

We feel proud in taking challenge in every project we do. Our goal is to design hi-quality websites that empowers your business.

Theme Customization

Our approach to website development is unique for every business. We enhance the usability of features in an efficient way.

It is important to have your own identity

We design custom websites from scratch after a thorough discussion with our customers. We come up with a unique and out of the mind marketing strategy for each client. Custom design websites are scalable, flexible and easily manageable. We build such sites keeping in mind the needs and wants of YOUR CUSTOMERS. Custom designs are much more SEO-oriented and responsive to fit on most electronic devices. These sites can be easily integrated with third party plugins and services. One good example of such would be: Google Maps API.

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We Might Not Be Your First Choice But For Sure
We Would Be Your Last.

Organic growth is key to success. We can do anything that you can think of. Due to custom designs and graphics, you will stand out and make your own unique selling preposition (USP) in the market. Our web developers focus on writing a clean code that is easy to understand and amend by anyone. Once you pay for such custom designs, it becomes your property. A custom design will give your website a personality. A good design that reflects the business model is most likely to appeal new and existing customers.

Template Development

Website design ready in 2 days. 100s of templates to choose from.

Define Your Color Combination

Color combination is vital to a website. Colors can be used to excite your visitor emotions and to instigate call-to-actions on your website.

Get Your Content Inline
Get your images, logo and content ready and hand-in to us. This will help us decide what type of template to choose from to develop your website.
Your Website Is Ready!

Once everything is with us, we can choose a template of your choice and build a website. Template designs are handy for informational websites.

Simply add a logo, images & content and your business is online

These websites are very economical pricewise. In a normal person’s lingo we call it What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Have a look at the following designs. Simply pick one that appeals you most, send us your logo, images and text/ content and you will be online within 2 business days.

For your convenience we also offer pre-made designed templates. These templates will work as a charm if you decide to go for a quick “grab and run” approach. In a matter of hours, your business can be online. We offer a variety of ready-made designed templates.

Template design websites are good for small businesses who are either starting up and setting an informational base or are already in business for a while and now want to drive online traffic towards their business.

OSAP Design has helped many SMEs and startup businesses and “Template Designs” is a golden egg for our company as well as customers.

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We might not be your first choice but for sure we would be your last.

Some of our satisfied customers


Over 500 satisfied clients

Islamic Gift House

My new website was created by Azeem Haq of OSAP Design. We have been in business for 15+ years and have just had a relaunch of our online store. His team and him have done a great job in creating exactly what I wanted. Easy to work with, friendly and very responsive. They met all of my expectations and had a lot of insight regarding marketing tools that I didn’t know existed.

Qamar Abbas

Stylish Renovation

Azeem and his design team at OSAP Design has done a tremendous job in developing our business website. It was ready within no time. Azeem thank you for all the hard work. If you are in need of a website then I strongly recommend OSAP Design.

Matt Az

BC Painters Ltd

We acquired Azeem at OSAP design team services to create and design our company website and logo. We are very happy with the service and the end product that they provided to us. Azeem was excellent in his communication and understanding our needs and wants for our logo and company website. They took the time to insure that we understand how to run and manage the website as well. They have met and exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend them to anyone that would be looking for similar services with excellent customer service.

Walid and Nicole Hassan

Deeq African Foundation Society (Non-for-Profit Org)

We were looking to develop a website for our non-for-profit organization and then we met Azeem. He and his design team at OSAP Design built our website in 2 business days. I couldn’t thank OSAP Design for bringing us online. Azeem also helped me by providing hands-on experience on backend of our WordPress-based website. Our website is easy to navigate, responsive and modern design. Thank you OSAP Design and wish you all the best in future.

Mohamed Ahmed

Max International (Health Industry)

Azeem provided a concise and professional business site for my company. His in-depth knowledge and professionalism afforded me the opportunity to receive business information that I could utilize immediately. I now have a much better understanding of the many facets of Social Media because of Azeem’s ability to explain the functions, in “layman’s terms“, of this type of business advertising. I have no hesitation in recommending Azeem to other entrepreneurs should they require professional assistance.

Sheila Veh

AR Home Inspections

We were looking for a basic website to represent ourselves on internet. Azeem/ OSAP Design helped us in achieving our target. We are very happy with their service.

Raj Aulakh

Krishan Khurana

I was looking for a website to show what I love to do. My friend referred me to OSAP Design. I have had a few telephonic conversations with Azeem and I found him very professional. Azeem not only helped me design a website but also created a logo and did website domain name search and helped me register it as well.

Krishan Khurana

Lori Marie Designs

As a customer of Azeem, I found him to be very professional, friendly and informative. With his services and assistance I would like to open my business to people everywhere. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to pump their marketing.

Lori White

Provincial Meat & Seafood (Food Industry)

OSAP Design has developed and designed our website. Azeem is very knowledgeable and has provided us excellent customer and technical support. He and his company have been providing us support 24/7. OSAP Design came up with a unique idea to do e.Marketing. Now our customers can sit on a chair and place their orders comfortably. Hats off OSAP Design, for handling our more than 500 products and organizing them such that it is convenient for us and our customers to handle. OSAP Design has also designed our company logo. It was wise to give the project to you. I would strong suggest everyone to fearlessly give a try to work with Azeem and his company.

Michael Dupuis

BNT Presents (Networking Industry)

What can we say? OSAP Design went beyond our expectations and accepted the challenge. The challenge going outside the box, taking on the concept of network marketing and develop a website around it. With complete professionalism and added humor it was a pleasure working with them. Our brochures OSAP Design produced, have been a hit with their vivid color and glossy finish. So, if YOU (no matter the business) are looking for exceptionally produced marketing tools at reasonable prices, look no further than OSAP Design. Tell them Pat & Kelly sent you………………..!

Pat and Kelly

MNR Demolition

We hired OSAP Design as our web developers and are very satisfied with their services. OSAP Design has done an amazing job in representing us and our company by designing our website. They have also designed our logo, which we are

Raj Aulakh

Najam Naqvi Law

Azeem and his team are very professional and are the right web developers for any startups. These are the kind of folks I was looking for. Very happy with their service. OSAP Design has designed our website, created a robust logo and designed business stationery like business cards and retractable banner. Thank you Azeem and OSAP Design for all the hard work.

Najam Naqvi

Immigration to Canada

I am an immigration consultant and to boost my business I was looking for a website developer who is reasonable in price and work. I met Azeem and found him extremely professional. He not only designed my website but also designed a logo that represents my company and myself. Wishing all the best to Azeem and OSAP Design!

Krishan Khurana

Rufta Flooring Solutions

I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding work on my website. Your creativity and technical skills have brought my vision to life brilliantly. The attention to detail, user-friendly design, and seamless functionality have surpassed my expectations, garnering praise from visitors. Your dedication and professionalism made the process a joy, and I’m eager to collaborate again. Thanks for your exceptional work; I highly recommend you to others in search of a top website designer.

Abel Tsegay