Website hosting – Your key to success!

Website hosting is a service that ensures your website is up and running on internet. It is like registering an automobile with the regulations agency that allows the car to be on the road. A website is comprised of various files that contains your images, content and other functional codes. To work properly and display what you have as products and services; these files are interlinked with eachother and has to be on the same web hosting platform.

Importance of Website Hosting:

When you plan on creating/ launching a website, it is vital that you pay attention to the details of your web hosting plan. You can either have “Shared Hosting” or “Dedicated Hosting”. A shared hosting plan can be used when you have a simple website where you want to display your products and services for informational use or you’re a personal blogger. This kind of hosting is much economical and simpler to use. On the other hand, Dedicated Hosting is required when you have an Ecommerce website or your website is complex enough to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sale (POS) System or some heavy database. This type of hosting can be cloud-based and requires much more space to upload those heavy data files. Dedicated Hosting is much faster to run and operate a website. It definitely costs more money

Security aspect of Website Hosting:

You can either have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or non-SSL hosting plans. Normally non-SSL plans are used when you are not doing any financial transactions and no sensitive and critical information like credit card information is required on a website. It is always recommended to have SSL-based website hosting plans when running an Ecommerce website or while exchanging sensitive information like credit cards, DOB, SIN, login credentials, etc. With a non-SSL certificate

Benefits of using “good” Website Hosting Plan:

You can think of all the good things about a good website hosting plan. Here are some points that I feel should be considered when looking for a website hosting company and it’s plans;

  • Customer Support
    When dealing with a website hosting provider you must ensure that your website hosting company is within reach. I have witnessed customers dealing with one of the biggest website hosting providers and getting the worst customer support. Is it worth it? At OSAP Design, you get one-stop solution by dealing with one company for all your website hosting and design & development needs.
  • Reliability and Uptime Guarantee
    Yes, it is very important to ensure that the company that you are dealing with is reliable and how committed they are in providing website hosting service as it directly impacts your business. If their servers are not reliable and their customer service is not upto standard, then you will eventually face problems with your website up and running. At OSAP Design, we guarantee 99% uptime and within 24 hours guaranteed reply on inquiries.
  • Storage facility
    All website hosting plans are not equal. It all boils down to your specific requirements. You have to figure out what kind of website hosting plan to you need. A good website hosting provider will be able to help you out to ensure your needs are met and are not over-charged. At OSAP Design, we evaluate our customer requirements and suggest plans accordingly. We do to an extent of presenting pros and cons of each type of plan and help customers make wise and logical decisions.
  • Clarity on Prices
    It is important to know what exactly it would cost for the kind of service you are getting. Website Hosting plans vary from $50-$500+ CAD per year. Many business owners do not evaluate the pros and cons of their web hosting plans and often end up either having a web-hosting plan not fulfilling their requirements or paying higher for not even utilizing the plan at full. Not to mention the hidden charges. Many companies do not disclose hidden costs upfront. At OSAP Design, we believe in clarity of pricing of our website hosting plans.
  • Scalability of a Website Hosting Plan
    When you buy a website hosting plan, please ensure that the website hosting plan is changeable according to your needs. Tomorrow when you grow, your website hosting plan should be able to accommodate your new requirements and can be adjusted accordingly. Failure to have this option will end up costing you more money and hassle.

Think about your customers; Do they feel secure enough to provide you their critical and sensitive information via internet? At OSAP Design, we keep this option in mind when advising to our customers.

As you can see, the decision to choose a right website hosting plan requires a lot of research at your end. I suggest investing some time in evaluating web hosting plans at are available for you. You can always upgrade or down grade your website hosting plan according to your needs. Sometimes, the cheapest or the most expensive web hosting option is not the best choice. Think wisely!

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